What to expect at the sessions

Parenting Through Separation is made up of two sessions of 2 hours each or one 4-hour session. The sessions can be on the same day or different days.

The course is held in small groups and led by an experienced presenter (called a facilitator). 

Work out what’s best for your children

An important part of the programme is helping you work out what’s best for your children – based on their age, their usual routine and their relationship with their wider family. To do this, the course covers the following topics:

  • children’s experiences of separation
  • the adults’ experience of separation and how this can affect their children
  • the effects of conflict on children
  • how you can help your children deal with separation
  • the legal aspects of separation and children
  • options for care arrangements that will work for you and your children
  • parenting with your ex-partner after the relationship has ended
  • other resources and services available, including Family Dispute Resolution.

There are opportunities for discussion but you can choose how much you say about yourself or your situation.

Certificate needed if you ask the Family Court for help

Most people need to do Parenting Through Separation before they can ask the Family Court to decide a parenting matter. You’ll need to give the court a certificate that shows you’ve done the course in the last 2 years.

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