Domestic violence service providers

Domestic violence providers are contracted by the Ministry of Justice to deliver safety and non-violence courses and services. We fund these through community-based provider groups across the country.

Forms for domestic violence providers 

DVPP01 Notice of safety concerns [PDF, 137 KB]

DVPP02A Assessment outcome [PDF, 222 KB]

DVPP02B Assessment outcome [PDF, 173 KB]

DVPP03 Notice that continued provision of non-violence programme is inappropriate [PDF, 123 KB]

DVPP04 Notice of non-compliance with direction [PDF, 137 KB]

DVPP05 Non-violence programme – Completion report [PDF, 127 KB]

DVPP06 Notice of change to non-violence programme [PDF, 98 KB]

DVPP07 Non-violence programme – Request for information [PDF, 122 KB]

DVPP08 Needs and safety planning outcome [PDF, 148 KB]

DVPP09 Safety programme – Completion report [PDF, 406 KB]

DVPP10 Notice of change to safety programme [PDF, 105 KB]

DVPP11 Safety programme – Request for information [PDF, 131 KB]

DVPP13 Strengthening safety services – Completion notice [PDF, 107 KB]

DVPP16 Notice of re-engagement [PDF, 107 KB]

DV3A Safety programme request [PDF, 489 KB]

Register of domestic violence programme providers

Public register of domestic violence programme providers - current 18 June 2018 [PDF, 340 KB]

Updates for domestic violence providers

DVPP forms - October 2016 [PDF, 211 KB]

Interpreter Payments - October 2016 [PDF, 58 KB]

Revised Code of Practice Part 1 - October 2016 [PDF, 58 KB]

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