Service providers

Audio-visual facilities in courts

Audio-visual technology such as video-conferencing is used in court proceedings, where available. This technology allows courts to connect directly to prison booths, or to any other video-conferencing device in New Zealand and overseas.

Domestic violence providers

Domestic violence providers are contracted by the Ministry of Justice to deliver safety and non-violence courses and services. We fund these through community-based provider groups across the country.

Family mediation & parenting course providers

Family Dispute Resolution providers are mediators who help families settle disputes about the care of their children. Parenting Through Separation courses give separating or separated parents information and support to make good decisions about the care of their children.

Practice notes & procedures

Practice notes cover many topics. They can contain guidelines on how a case must be managed, from the filing of the first document that starts proceedings through to disposition (the end of the case). They can also outline how professional services must be managed.

Restorative justice providers

This section is for community-based providers contracted by the Ministry of Justice to deliver restorative justice services.

Justice of the Peace

Find out the functions of Justices of the Peace (JPs), their role and responsibilities, and the process for being appointed as a JP.

Interpreting in courts & tribunals

Most court and tribunal hearings in New Zealand are conducted in English. Interpreters help ensure a fair process at court so people are not disadvantaged because they do not understand what is being said, or find it difficult to respond in English.

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