High cost case management

High Cost Case (HCC) management aims to more closely manage from the outset criminal grants of legal aid which have the potential to become high cost. It seeks to reduce expenditure via transparent case management practices, with all funding decisions being approved on a staged basis in advance of work being undertaken.

The HCC framework applies to all criminal grants of legal aid approved from 3 October 2011 where specific criteria are met. It may apply to grants of aid approved prior to this date which will be considered for inclusion on a case by case basis.

High Cost Case management information pack

The HCC information pack provides a quick guide to the key policies and procedures which will apply to grants of legal aid managed under HCC (June 2014).

Overview of High Cost Case management [PDF, 442 KB]

The policy and procedure document contains the full details about HCC (March 2016).

Policy and procedures [PDF, 403 KB]

Case plan template (March 2016)

Note: The file below is a Microsoft Word template file. To use, right-click and save to your computer.

HCC case plan template [DOC, 636 KB]

Appellate case plan template [DOC, 295 KB]

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